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How the sea has its waves & forms biotopes

this is how our life waves form our worlds.

They create and shape what is to be created

LIJEL / Li Jessel

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2002-2005 Basic Studies in Southslavic language, old church slavonic language, at the University of Hamburg,

class: Olga Ellermeyer-Životić

2014 - 2018 HfbK Hamburg, timebased Media/ mixed Media & Acoustic classes: Matt Mullican, Michaela Melián

2018 B.A. of Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg

CV in the field of music

1998 - 2000 band member and singer of the crossover band 4Lyn, formerly Headtrip.

2000 - 2006 working under the Artistname MC Stasha as Improvisations vocalist with musicians such as Raphaël Marionneau, Pablo Paolo Kilian, Einmusik, Limbogott e.g.

2006-2007 member and singer of the band Larionov (Shoegaze/Krautrock), with the musicians Olaf Boqwist, guitarist of the band Mutter,  Jim Sudmann and Markus E. Lipka, founding members of the band Eisenvater and Thorsten Jahnke.

In 2010-2012 she formed the band RAЯ, with band members Paul Henning, Paul Mayer and Tim Jessel.
The band belonged to the Shoegaze Krautpop genre.

Since 2014 Li Jessel is working under the Artistname LIJEL. Works and collaborations in the musical and artistic field took place here with, among others 
Ulrich Langenbach, David WallrafYi-Jou Chuang, Mariam Zohra Durrani, Marco Antonio /OBASQUIAT,

Adam Majdecki Janicki,

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Her own Radioshow LME `La maison eclectique´  she moderated from 2015 to 2017 at the FSK / Freies Sender Kombinat Hamburg /with live sessions in the field of noise and interviews with artists  and producers from the electronic music sector and playing a mixture of diverse music styles.

Since 2013 she has been practicing Tai Chi and Butoh dance/theatre.

Committed to animal welfare and through the income from her jewelery label allmymillionmoons / AMMMSTORE and the profits from music sales, half-yearly donations go to the following Animal Aid /rescue Teams: SOKO 

Ärzte gegen Tierversuche & Notpfote e.V.


Improvisation as part of giving a so-called free space or maybe 'just' suggesting it is given to her as the most important link in the practice of her art. Whether in the field of vocal improvisation, in the field of performance art or analog scan and digital glitchart in combination. Elements that are 'free falling' and organically shaped can also be found in jewelery design. To conserve the use of old silver by free-form casting, for example, or the use of recycling materials or found objects from nature. 

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