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VocalArt & Vocalimprovisation

Before I started studying Art at the `Hochschule für bildende Künste´ in Hamburg / HFBK Hamburg / I had already completed basic studies in the South Slavic language. I personally preferred phonetics to studying the Old Church Slavonic language.

The way of using my voice as an instrument i call improvisation intuitiva. The improvised singing reflects our aesthetic character, self-image and self-confidence. It reflects our identity. And even if feeling totally free in using your voice and adding it intuitively in your own form, one´s sound will still contain personal behavior patterns and beliefs in the permission or non-permission to simply act and how to act. And the nice thing is, you can expand this field just as you can expand your information and communication field. 


Often I am asked which language i am singing in. I prefer singing lutes, or to simply let sounds freely flow out of the soul  which intuitivly fit somehow in my subjective, listener´s opinion. It is interesting that the once-taught vocabulary of languages and the combinations of vowels and consonants  can come to light,  but also original sounds and noises. - Urlaute. Every language*, whether human or used by animals, only works because the correct arrangement of the sounds or symbols has a defined meaning that the sender and recipient of this information knows and can understand. *(I mean my language in the form of written and spoken, audible tones, not via other forms of energy information) In addition, language is usually done with the will and intelligence, or with the previous mindset. Information is provided in advanced and mostly precise grammatical rules. Without given syntax and semantics, the singing of improvised, especially sounds and primordial tones can cause reactions or certain feelings. Improvisation mostly does not intend apobetics.


Another goal is to combine field recordings, which were made in natural areas and in industrial locations of cities, which are typical of society today. I like combining digitally created sounds with sounds made by nature. To experiment with modulating sounds and vocals is something that inspires me greatly.

The non profit musiclabel  S P I R I T U N E  records,  was founded by LIJEL in 2019_  A portion of the revenues of digital streams as well as Tapes, CD´s,  LP´s  from LIJEL / DRM / Darkroommeditation are going to be donated to the Soko Animal Welfare Organisation

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