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Since 2002 I have been working in the field of acoustic & electronic music composition, with a focus on vocal improvisation

and genre-spanning composing,  paired with sound making of found pieces of different materials in combination with acoustic and electronic instruments.

Improvisation uses space and grants freedom. Or does it simulate freedom? I think, I have all the freedom in improvisation maybe..  or isn´t improvisation always shaped by the elapsed and current emotional world and thus never completely free in itself? If it is so, then I never improvise on my own, but who is then involved in it?! During a session where sounds are incorporated from various artists and where at least two artists are playing together the decision-making process and all the variability of sounds differs of course from a solo improvisation. I go and listen to one or more other sequences that are not generated by me and which affect my decision, my answer. This leads to completely new variables that would probably not have been unlocked by improvisation alone. Am I ever alone or actually never? Yes, even in this world, game, projection I am never alone, because there is always a relation to something or to someone from the beginning of being.


Spontaneous inspiration  underlie improvisation.

That's what I love about it! Sound or language arises and creates an unknown or known entity. A construct of lutes, words, deeds and actions. Playing with found objects, once recorded noises, capturing the moment, modulating or not and simply allowing the sound be in itself.

In addition to the art of acoustic & electronic music, I possess a high level of interest in time-related media, scan art and performances in which socio-critical topics are reflected or the attention to meditative, metaphysical questions of life emerge. For this purpose structures of butoh dance, various meditation styles, contemporary dance and tai chi are included.

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